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Why Functional Medicine?

Updated: May 5

Functional medicine seeks to find root causes to illness. It starts from the perspective that we need to help our bodies be healthy from the ground up. Much of our current medical system tries to treat symptoms, and while this can provide some temporary relief, it does not actually lead to long-term health.

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Functional medicine tries to fix the systems that are causing the symptoms. Our guts, our hormones, our nutrition levels, and our chemical balance affect our health in profound and astonishing ways. For instance, research has shown that a lot of the inflammation in our bodies is linked to how well our livers absorb vitamins. Similarly, we often feel restless and nervous when our hormones are imbalanced.

Functional medicine, then, tries to identify the root causes and then introduce nutrition, exercise, and vitamins that will cause our internal systems to function properly. This releases us from depending on conventional medicines and allows our bodies to develop long-term health. While it can take some time to re-equip our bodies to function as God designed them to, all of us can benefit from the freedom and health that functional medicine offers.

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