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Live Oak Integrative Health

Natural health for women in all stages of life

Individualized and research-based solutions
to help you achieve lasting health

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I apply functional medicine to help you achieve the health that God created you to have. Here are the steps I will take to help you.

  • Perform a comprehensive health history

  • Provide education and assessments based on functional diagnostic tests

  • Make personalized recommendations to help correct disfunction using diet, exercise, and supplements.

  • Ongoing support between sessions

How I can help you

What I Specialize in





Autoimmune Disorders

Powders and Grains

Inflammatory Disease

An old scale



Eggs balanced

Hormone Imbalance

Healthy figs and nuts



Functional Tests I Offer

DUTCH testing
Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones

Precision Analytical
Functional Stool Analysis
Diagnostic Solutions
SIBO Breath Testing
Genova Laboratory
Organic Acids Test
Nutritional and Metabolic Profiles
Great Plains Laboratory
Mycotox Profile
Mold Exposure

Realtime Labs


  • Bachelor's of Science and Nursing, 2004

    • Washington State University

  • Nursing License number 1055631 - compac multi-state license

  • Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

    • Functional Nurse Academy

  • NRP, PALS, ACLS, TNCC, and ENPC certified

Board Certified


New Client Discount
20% off complete package

Complete package includes:

  • Comprehensive lab work

  • 6: 1 hour sessions

  • Detailed wellness plan

5 Day Revive Challenge (free)

A simple, 5 day menu to help you begin to find natural and healthy ways to sustain your body.


I had always been interested in a more integrative approach to taking care of myself and my family but did not know how to get started. Rebecca was exactly what I needed to establish an understanding of my underlying issues and what changes I needed to make. She took what could have been an overwhelming amount of information and broke it down for me in such a tangible way...


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